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Organic Nutrition as a Lifestyle

Jun 11, 2013 04:31AM

The search for healthy, nutritious food options often proves to be a hardship amidst one hour lunch breaks and fast food restaurants. In 2010, computer programmer, Rachan Malhotra, walked out of his downtown DC office looking for lunch, and it became clear that most of the food he found was neither healthy nor nutritious. This realization set him on a path with a new passion and a new career.

Malhotra had been aware of the value of good food since his father’s stroke in 2009. He recalls being shocked at the unhealthy meals offered to recovering hospital patients and decided to look into alternatives that would help restore his father to full health. His first step was to learn the benefits of Ayurveda and fresh, home-made vegetable juices. Within a few weeks of trying these alternative meals, his father’s half-paralyzed body began to transform, and today he is virtually back to normal. Through this experience, Malhotra saw the power of fresh juices.

Starting with Rolls On Rolls, a food truck that offers DC residents healthy Indian fare,  Malhotra set out to radically change how we fuel our bodies. He soon started selling Alive Juices, thereby taking a deeper dive into health and nutrition, as well as enjoying the amazing testimonials and increased interest from those who drink his juices and cleanses. Orders are placed by phone and fresh, organic juices, containing nutrition powerhouses such as nuts, seeds, sprouts and Ayurvedic herbs are delivered to any address in the District.

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