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Cancer-Free with the Gonzalez Protocol

A quarter of a century ago, I found myself with a rare tumor in my lung that had spread to my liver. Not many people can write a sentence like the previous one, as few survive a liver metastases for more than a handful of years. I was extremely fortunate to find a newly established doctor in New York, who had discovered a novel and decidedly unconventional treatment for most all forms of cancer.

Trained at Cornell Medical College, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez was a post doctoral fellow at Sloan Kettering in New York—one of the preeminent cancer research and treatment centers in the world. He was and continues to be my doctor and guide.

Over the years, I have come to know Gonzalez quite well, through my semi-annual visits to his office, where I continue to learn about his protocols and theory of the origin and treatment of cancer. Gonzalez believes that cancer can be prevented and successfully treated with a program that includes three major components.

The first is the use of large quantities (as many as 50 or more capsules a day) of specially prepared pancreatic enzymes. These enzymes have been shown to essentially “digest” cancer cells when there is no food in the digestive system. Other supplements (as many as 15-20 taken one to three times a day) are also prescribed based on the patient’s specific needs.

The second leg of the program is a customized diet that depends upon a person’s metabolic type. These diets all require organic non-processed foods but can vary greatly in the amount of meat and other foods to be eaten. Carrot and other freshly juiced fruits and vegetables are an essential part of the diet. Lastly, Gonzalez believes that detoxication is essential to help the body fight cancer and to rapidly eliminate any cancer cells broken down by the pancreatic enzymes.

The effectiveness of pancreatic enzymes against cancer was demonstrated in an animal experiment. A study of 11 of Gonzalez’s patients with pancreatic cancer, one of the most lethal forms of cancer, showed that most lived much longer than would be expected. As a result of this research, Gonzalez became the first alternative doctor to be funded for a full scale trial of his work comparing it to chemotherapy. The multi-year study had several irregularities, with the final result showing Gonzalez’s protocol to be inferior to chemo. However, Gonzalez believes that the trial was seriously flawed and has written a 600 page book, What Went Wrong: The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer, documenting the irregularities in the trial.

Based not just on my own experience, but on years of getting to know Gonzalez, talking to other patients and studying his writings—I strongly believe that his program offers an opportunity for many, if not most, advanced cancer patients to live significantly longer and healthier lives. In addition, following his dietary principles and taking his enzymes can help to prevent cancer.

Herb Simmens is owner of District Wellness, a full service holistic health center at Dupont Circle. He is a certified life and wellness coach and is available for consultations on the Gonzalez protocol. for more information, call 202-299-1200 or visit

June 2020




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