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Your letter from the Publisher, Robin Fillmore

Sep 10, 2013 01:36AM

Dear Friends,

I want to take this opportunity to make a confession—I am an addict. Specifically, I am gym-addicted. For the past 30 years, I have spent at least six hours a week in the gym. It is a good thing to be addicted to—at least in my case. My daily, one-hour gym routine has been a constant in my life to reduce stress, ward off my families’ particular health concerns of heart disease and low bone density and simply makes me a better person to be around. My husband and children can attest to that.

Another constant in my life, which helps me to maintain my health, balance and sense of humor, is my own spiritual walk. I grew up in the United Methodist Church and started singing in the choir when I was about three. Today, I still attend weekly services at Metropolitan Memorial UMC and sing in the choir at the early service on most Sundays. I also worked at Sojourners magazine for 10 years—an ecumenical Christian magazine that is one of the nation’s leading voices for social justice. My spiritual walk is just as important to me as my daily gym workout.

For me, and I hope for you, this month’s feature, “Fitness Fusions” brings to light a new dimension for those of us who look both to the gym (or the track or the yoga studio) and the place of sacred healing to find even greater wholeness. There has been extensive research by Philadelphia-based research neuroscientist and physician Andrew Newberg in the field of integrative “neurotheology”. Newburg uses brain-imaging technologies to study the impact religious or spiritual practices, such as deep meditation, have on an individual. He found that like exercise, amazing thoughts can emerge while engaging in these activities. Both can take the participants “into the zone” of complete surrender and utter bliss.

For those who look forward to the meeting of the region’s conscious consumers, the Green Festival is back in the District of Columbia again this fall, and Natural Awakenings is a proud media sponsor. I am sure many of you have attended the biggest meeting of green consumers in the D.C. metro area in the past and hope that you will consider coming down to the Convention Center on September 21 or 22. Stop by our booth and introduce yourself to me and other members of the team—David, Sharon, Terri, Scott. We love to meet our readers! 

I hope you enjoy the feature on Fitness Fusion and the other amazing articles this month. As always, it is my pleasure to bring this resource to you.

With warm wishes – Robin


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