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Welcome to October

My wonderful readers,

It is finally October–the month worth waiting for all year. My joy in October comes from the transition it brings. Summer is glorious and green, but fall is lush and bursting with orange, red and yellows. It is the preparation time—the time that leads us into the quieting of the earth in the fallow fields and the snuggling-in with warm woolen socks and crackling fires.

I come to rely on these seasonal passages and have always noted that I enjoy the transitions from season to season best of all. I could never see myself living in a place that offers only one season,  regardless of how perfect the weather would be each day. The constant shift, from warm to hot, to cool to cold again, grounds my life. So much, in fact, that the place my husband and I plan to retire is not Florida or Arizona but rather, Pennsylvania, where the regularity of the seasons is assured—at least for now.

The threat of climate change rattles me and leads me to wonder what will this earth look and feel like to our children’s children. We often joke in my family that the reason we will eventually end up in Pennsylvania is that 20 years from now, the weather will be like North Carolina. I hope I am wrong but with the dire warnings that have been predicted, I may not be too far off the mark. The extreme weather we have witnessed in the past few years has been one indication that all is not well with Mother Earth. The shift is upon us and the best response we (the collective we) have been able to make is to flirt with change on the fringes. Dealing with climate change is, arguably, the most pressing issue of our time.

This month’s feature on climate change, “Easing Earth’s Rising Fever,” brings these issues into focus and offers some suggestions for individuals and groups who are working to bring attention (and answers) to dealing with our rapidly changing earth. It also identifies a call to action for every person—to take important steps that can help lessen our impact on climate change. I encourage you to read the companion piece, “Shop with the Planet in Mind,” to learn how your impact as a consumer can make a real difference. 

On a more hopeful note, I hope you will spend some time pondering the article “Trekking as Pilgrimage”. This summer, one of my pastors hiked the Way of St. James, a 500-mile-long trek to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. While I am not quite ready to book my flight, trekking as pilgrimage is appealing to me and to so many others who seek to share the road and the journey with fellow travelers. For now, I will find mini-pilgrimages in the hikes around the area, while enjoying the beauty of October. I hope you find your own path to follow this month and beyond.

Here’s to our beautiful world –

May 2020



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