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Explore the Sacred Feminine with Kris O’Shee

Oct 02, 2013 02:40AM

Psychotherapist, Kris O’Shee brings together three passions in her practice that focus on supporting women: dance, mind-body medicine and the rich history of the sacred feminine.

Women often experience a gap in their lives today, a longing that hovers just beneath their consciousness. Through O’Shee’s research into prehistoric images of goddesses and the feminine spirit, and in her work as a choreographer, dancer, teacher and psychotherapist, she has found part of what women are missing in their ancient past.

“Helping women access their historic strength, beauty, confidence and creativity, and then apply it to their daily lives, is great stuff,” says O’Shee. “We see ourselves reflected in myth and ancient images of goddesses and women. In our group, we decode the spiritual messages, learn the lessons and connect with the inner knowing we already possess. The process is tremendously nourishing.”

O’Shee will provide women with the opportunity to experience growth and support in her group sessions, A Gathering of Women on October 15, the first of eight monthly evening workshops in Cleveland Park and In the Arms of the Goddess on October 26, a day-long workshop at Crossings in Silver Spring. O’Shee is offering a free preview of her approach from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m., on October 3 in Cleveland Park.

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