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Restorative Health-Comprehensive and Balanced Healthcare

Oct 02, 2013 01:38AM
Whether conventional or holistic, one of the challenges of staying healthy is balancing the advice of different health care professionals. Restorative Health, in Tenleytown, solves much of that problem with staff trained in Eastern and Western medicine, working as a team to devise a comprehensive health plan for each patient.

Think of them as a one-stop-shop healthcare provider. Founding member, Dr. Ali Safayan is an internist with training in acupuncture and natural allergy elimination. He works closely with Dr. Karen Threlkel, a naturopathic doctor and Dr. Melissa Windsor, nutrition/lifestyle coach and chiropractor. Their varied backgrounds give patients the benefit of a wide spectrum of allopathic and holistic therapies under one roof.

Safayan and Threlkel founded Restorative Health in 2005, with the idea of using lifestyle medicine to prevent and reverse disease. Most new patients receive an initial health assessment from Safayan—follow-up treatments might include any combination of acupuncture, prolotherapy, herbs, naturopathy, far infrared sauna sessions for detox or nutritional consultations.

Threlkel expresses her favorite method of detoxing is far infrared sauna with herbs and nutritional support. She says, “Far infrared saunas are not as hot as other saunas, so it is a more pleasant experience for the patient. A five to seven minute session can effectively help detox down to the cellular level.”

Those that feel conflicted about getting a flu shot in winter might consider the practice’s homeopathic version of the flu shot. Individuals can also lessen the chance of getting sick from the summer/fall and winter/spring transitions with Wei Chi (way-chee), a three week series of acupuncture sessions to tonify the immune system. The practitioners use the detailed intake information to craft a treatment plan that works for the patient in body, mind and spirit. Threlkel says, “We like to dig deep for answers and educate the patient.”

In addition to healing therapies, Restorative Health puts a lot of effort into educating patients about what is going on in their system and showing them what steps they can take to feel healthier and more balanced—trying their best to avoid medicines at all costs.” “Ideally, I would like to see a way for them to not even need supplements,” Threlkel says, “Our philosophy is to follow what nature intended and do our best to match that.”

Safayan began his career like most western medical doctors. However, he quickly became disenchanted with the routine of seeing dozens of patients in one day but never having the chance to devote adequate time to understand each patient’s unique situation. At Restorative Health, Safayan spends an average of 30 minutes with each patient. Threlkel, whose consultations often run 90 minutes says, “We want to know everything that is going on, everything that you think is important.” This detailed background allows them to craft treatment plans that are suited to their patients in body, mind and spirit. “Everyone is such an individual–we are going to find out who you are,” Threlkel continues.

Restorative Health also offers a range of nutrition and cooking classes to help patients incorporate healthy habits. Windsor’s classes cover topics such as making homemade ice cream with coconut milk or making cultured foods for better digestive health. Guest speakers conduct fitness and mindfulness/meditation classes. Once a month, the practice features a documentary movie night to further educate clients, while also building a community for people who want to improve their health. At Restorative Health the goal is to help you get back to feeling your best. Threlkel says, “Our experience shows, small changes can make a big difference.”

Restorative Health is located at 4801 Wisconsin Ave., NW D.C. For more information, call 202-244-6661 or visit 


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