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Oct 23, 2013 01:17AM

The heart is the bridge to our upper and lower energy centers (the chakras), and it is the connection to our inner and outer lives.  A well-established heart connection helps us to be more creative, it allows for wise decision making, and makes for more harmonious relationships. The heart is the keeper of our inner treasures.  It holds the gems of our earthly existence.  The heart is the first well developed organ in the human body.  It is that part of us that has known us from the very beginning and it openly shares what it knows, if we only ask.  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned meditator, these sessions will bring you to a stillness and peace that is touching and beautiful.  November 10th, 2013, is 8 weeks till the end of the year, and the beginning of a new year, and it is the perfect time for this exploration.  As an added benefit, it will help relieve the stress of the holiday season.  Meditation helps to calm the mind, which lead to a greater sense of peace.  If you’re too much in the head, it’s a signal to get into the heart.  These sound meditations are particularly powerful and take participants to a deep inner sanctum.  While each week is different, the meditations are set in 4 stages. 





We will spend 2 weeks on each stage to have the opportunity to consciously live the experience of our heart connection in our daily lives.  The meditations are at night, to allow sleep to deepen the experience, and they are on Sunday to give a peaceful start to our week.  We will learn techniques that are sure to be helpful in our daily lives.  The meditations are open to women, men and young adults.  Children 8 years and up are welcome.

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Milagros has been a Sound Shaman/teacher, and a Reiki master/teacher for 20 years, teacher of A Course in Miracles, Certified Magnified Healing facilitator, is a multi-talented artist, painter, trained vocal artist, band leader and performer, and is highly intuitive.  She has performed sound concerts (AKA sound bath) in the US & Europe.  She has brought her Shamanic healing talents to Harvard Mind Body Institute, UMass Medical Systems, The Holistic Nurses Association, Deaconess Hospital in MA, Europe and Central America.  Milagros is a Spiritual coach and she leads retreats for self-care and transformation.



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