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Dance Your Way Towards Health with Biodanza

Oct 27, 2013 06:49AM

In her 1997 landmark work, the late, great Dr. Candace Pert, author of one of the most important mind/body texts The Molecules of Emotion, talks about the mystery of human energy and refers to it as the “free flow of information carried by the bio-chemicals of emotion, the neuro-peptides and their receptors.” Pert also states that it is through touch, that stored or blocked emotions can be released via endorphins that naturally flood the body, maximizing our feelings of health and well-being.  

Likewise, cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton calls human beings “skin covered petri dishes” and offers scientific proof in the Biology of Belief, stating that cells from the same stem cell, when distributed to different petri dishes, each with its own environment, will adapt according to what is in the dish. Give the cells a positive environment and they will flourish—place the cells in a toxic petri dish, they get sick. 

The Biodanza movement system creates a weekly space where participants join together, in community in a safe and contained positive environment, to expand, explore and embrace movement. Progressive contact is used as a means of healing, as part of their journey to wellness. With each class, profound shifts are happening harmoniously on emotional, physical and physiological levels. Come dance your way towards health on Friday nights in Washington (near Dupont) and see what Biodanza has to offer you.

Michelle Dubreuil Macek is the Director of the Biodanza Maryland/DC School opening in September of 2014. Visit for more information. 


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