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Zero Balancing

Oct 27, 2013 06:34AM

Zero Balancing®, or ZB for short, was developed by Fritz Frederick Smith M.D., doctor of osteopathy and medicine and master of acupuncture. This cutting-edge modality has been taught since 1973 and integrates Western medical science with Eastern healing traditions.

Zero Balancing® optimizes health and physical function by aligning a person’s structure and energy. This is achieved by working with the skeletal system using acupressure (fulcrums) and traction. Using skilled touch to release held energy from the deepest part of us (our bones) has a very positive effect throughout the body as imbalances are corrected, resulting in relief from pain, anxiety and stress. This also promotes a deep sense of integration and wellness. ZB can help with any condition caused by stress or an energy imbalance.

Aligning energy with structure enhances the body’s natural healing processes and promotes feelings of well-being. It is known to help release mental, emotional and physical tension, amplify one’s sense of connection, reduce pain and discomfort, increase peace and happiness, improve the flow of energy in our bodies and enhance stability, balance and freedom.

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Lisa Schumacher is a local, licensed practitioner, helping others find natural ways to gain optimum health through Zero Balancing®, massage, energy therapy and herbal support.


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