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Meditation Goes Mobile

Oct 27, 2013 06:23AM

When today’s images of inner peace seem synonymous with destroying your work-assigned smartphone, unplugging and stepping away from a device might be the opposite of what you need. Why not find peace and love your mobile device all over again?

A digital health technology start-up headquartered in Washington, MeditationAnywhere has set out to help people do just that. High tech entrepreneur Daniel Estrada and expert meditation teacher Hugh Byrne teamed up to make learning meditation and sticking with the practice available to anyone with a computer or mobile device. “We understand how technology can be a vehicle for meditation’s many benefits, promoting wellness instead of stress,” says co-founders Estrada and Byrne. Huffington Post’s GPS for the Soul accelerates the growing climate for the kind of technology service MeditationAnywhere offers, helping evolve what Arianna Huffington calls “the connected self”.

MeditationAnywhere is a collaboration of meditation experts, with extensive experience in the art and science of meditation, combined with a team of seasoned technology entrepreneurs who respect the practice. The emphasis of daily practice in this online meditation service teaches positive and constructive techniques for dealing with everyday stresses, including physical and emotional pain. New mobile apps help users address common life challenges, whether kicking a bad habit, preparing for a tough meeting, calming child stresses at home or managing pain and anxiety.

Business uncertainties create peak stress at high tech start-ups and Estrada, an industry veteran, likes the challenges. When in 2005 constant stress caused him high blood pressure and insomnia, scientific reports again hit the news proving mindfulness meditation lowers stress hormones and helps people relax and focus. Eager to avoid burnout, Estrada searched online for help establishing a meditation practice and found Byrne in Washington, D.C.

Byrne was an agitated human rights advocate when he took up meditation 20 years ago. Bryne recognized that the activism work most needed was conflict resolution from the inside, starting with himself. Meditation practice enabled him to develop greater emotional resilience and inspired him to teach this restorative aid to others.

Two years ago, Estrada and Bryne approached to discuss merging their respective expertise and bring meditation to the masses. Leveraging modern day technology, they could provide simple-to-learn meditation techniques everyone could use anywhere, at any time. MeditationAnywhere was formed.

 “It’s our goal to utilize what is often the culprit of our stress—digital technology—and make it into a friend rather than an enemy and a gateway into meditation practice,” Byrne says. “What we now know is the technologies that stress us can be the same tools that help us achieve health and well-being. Technology’s unlimited potentiality can serve to dramatically expand people’s access to the diverse health applications of mindfulness meditation.”

MeditationAnywhere has launched its mobile application and online platform to serve the business-to-business and direct-to-consumer markets. Their upcoming partnerships with healthcare providers, insurance companies and corporations, to serve their clients and workforce, will offer the same approach of personalized online meditation, guided by knowledgeable meditation experts. One day soon, your work phone functionality might include being your on-call meditation teacher.

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Grace Ogden is the founder of Grace Productions, which offers transformational consulting and Living Sacred events. 


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