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Mindful Eating

Oct 29, 2013 05:32AM

If you’ve ever finished a meal and don’t remember eating it all or put the next bite of food in your mouth before you even finish the first, you may be eating mindlessly. Studies have shown that when we eat mindlessly, we tend to consume more calories and feel less satisfied afterwards.

The art of mindful eating involves taking the time to enjoy each bite of food, as well as consciously recognizing your food choices and the amount of food you eat. Eating mindfully may help you cut down on food portioning, which aids in weight management. Practice mindful eating habits by slowing down and enjoying your meal. Try putting your fork down between bites or taking a sip of water. Relish in the smell, taste and texture of your meal and savor it.

Megan Mihaly, MFCS, RD is a registered and licensed dietitian. She serves our veterans as a clinical dietitian at the VA in Baltimore.


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