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Doctors Harness the Power of Community

Nov 25, 2013 03:33AM

At Restorative Health in Tenleytown, DC, patients know that their health is seen as more than numbers on a chart. Rather, wellness is a journey on which we are continuously learning and growing. With that in mind, Restorative Health has launched a series of Healthy Living Classes to inspire patients to eat healthfully, to enjoy the movement of their body, to learn about healing therapies, and to reduce stress with meditation.

In a recent Introduction to Meditation class, participants openly discussed the challenges of starting and maintaining a meditation practice. “Sometimes, when I try to relax, it actually makes me more tense. What can I do about that?” “I have trouble staying awake.” “I can’t stop thinking.” It is recognized that perhaps the greatest asset in a healthy lifestyle is the presence of a supportive community where difficulties can be discussed. With the coming holidays (often the hardest time of the year for healthy living), RH will be offering candlelit meditation and yoga classes and a session on reducing physical tension as welcome pauses during a stressful time of year. Finding peace within ourselves and with each other, in the hardest times, might be the medicine we all need.

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