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Reiki Volunteer Practitioners mark 5000th visit to GWU Hospital

Nov 25, 2013 03:01AM

GWCIM Reiki Master Teacher and Biofeedback Instructor Luann Jacobs and 43 trained volunteer Reiki practitioners who worked with her over the years celebrated their 5,000th visit to GWU Hospital to provide Reiki to patients, their families, and staff. 

Under the leadership of two forward-thinking and visionary doctors -- John Pan, the founder of GWCIM, and Joel Rosenberg, GWU Hospital’s Clinical Director of Cardiology, the Reiki Relaxation Therapy Program was launched in 2004 as a six-month pilot project at the GWU Hospital Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory. The goal of the program was to help patients relax before cardiac procedures. The pilot program was a great success, and continued until April 1, 2007, when a permanent GW Hospital Reiki Volunteer Program was formed under Luann Jacobs’s leadership. It quickly expanded to many other departments of the GWU hospital and now offers sessions led by an assigned volunteer almost on a daily basis. 

Marking the milestone, volunteers expressed appreciation and gratitude for the program and for the many benefits it has brought to their lives.  As one of the early volunteers, Craig Cameron, said, “I'm sure I speak for many of us when I say that the GW Reiki volunteer program was an important part of my Reiki training and my Reiki practice today. I learned so much from the patients about patience and courage -- that no matter how bad things are, Reiki can help. And I learned a lot about my own strengths as well. It was healing all around.” 

Luann says a huge THANK YOU to all the Reiki volunteers who have brought their special way of caring into the medical realm and have helped all they have touched.  

To read a 2005 Washington Post story about the early stage of the program, click here:


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