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At The Faults of Enlightenment

Nov 26, 2013 02:24AM

The cliff hangs deep. It falls past the awareness of sleep. Dreams can never be forgotten, here, in this state beyond memory. The earthquake weeps for forgiveness. The edge is sharp, a razor cuts a hole in our hope; we are barriers to progress when harboring the belief that we are not capable or worthy.

To hell with enlightenment, just be happy. We will embrace even tsunamis, earthquakes, and tornados. There is so much we run from in search of finding ourselves. There is so much we search for in hopes of becoming an ideal self. Yet, there is no perfect wave, no perfect jump from a plane, no perfect family and no perfect dinner.

Enlightenment is not searching for perfection; it is finding perfection in the most unusual and disorderly things. Enlightenment is not wishing you had something that you didn’t, but even with nothing, always being steeped in the awareness that you already have all that you need. 

So where is the fault in our trying to understand this mammoth beast? Imagine poverty standing at one edge of the cliff and vast affluence facing it from the distant peak. At one red rock edge is need. At the other Karst mountaintop is want. And here, at the fault and chasm of resounding destiny, are thoughts, hung with clothespins on lines.

The wind dissolves any chance for a motionless hug, disintegrates any chance for these ephemeral pieces of consciousness to ever dry. So we must accept the liquid state of this incarnation, this is the first phase to reach a place of heightened awareness. To traverse over the fault we must leap across the artificial boundary of wanting and transcend even the primal border of needing.

The fault runs deep. It cuts through our psyche and manifests as guilt propelling us to start running. We search everywhere outside of us for that which we already possess. We are sometimes afraid to jump because we are so attached to our physical bodies and mortality.

Enlightenment is dusting away cobwebs that are strung together by a limited idea of time.  As long as we believe time has a beginning or end, we are stuck in a never-ending cycle of striving for change. This barrier, created by time, makes us unable to realize that we are already infinite.

Enlightenment is peering into our being, not for something other but for something already within. And then, it happens, the spark of understanding that we are already surrounded by enlightened beings. There are so many self-realized beings already in our lives. True, honest, compassionate souls that are already living enlightened lives. 

There are more of us here than we realize. This is the awareness of enlightenment. When you start to see the enlightenment in everyone you meet, then you are seeing through awakened eyes, and all of the sudden we begin to multiply in this time of incredible transformation.

The fault in understanding enlightenment is thinking someone has something that you do not. The fault is thinking that enlightenment is something special, when actually it is the most ordinary of things. At the fault is not seeing the enlightened nature in every human and sentient being. 

Awaken to the reality that you can bring out the enlightenment in another, simply by being aware, probing and constantly growing. Growth is the field in which enlightenment roots and shoots upward toward the sky. We are responsible for each other’s enlightenment. We can make each other happy.

HawaH has authored four books and produced three documentary films. He is co-founder and executive director of the non-profit organization One Common Unity –


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