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Conscious Communication: Interacting with Our Whole Being

Nov 26, 2013 02:10AM

Communication is the most important part of our relationships. While we spend our entire lives communicating in one form or another, it is not always something that we do effectively. In fact, because we are constantly communicating, we can easily become unconscious about our interactions and this can lead to misunderstandings. Say for instance, you are at home with your family, and you’re preoccupied with work, something as simple as saying, “good morning,” lets the people around you know if you are or are not present. If your mind, and possibly even your heart are elsewhere, they may feel it. If your preoccupation persists, they may feel neglected by you and even distanced from you. Because you’re not present, you may not be aware of the impact you are having on the people you care about, which deepens the issue. While there are many approaches to the ways in which we communicate, when we are awake, alert and aware, we can choose to communicate consciously.   

Conscious communication is an exchange that requires us to be fully present in the moment. In conscious communication, a conversation is more than verbal discourse and body language. It is an acknowledgement of the whole being, to which we bring our authentic self. We pay attention to details, from the volume and timbre of the voice, to the way in which we make eye contact.  We make room for expressions, create a safe space for honesty and allow for the learning that may come from the exchange. We understand that there is a role for feelings and emotions, ours and those of others, and we make room for that. In a conscious exchange, silence is allowed to be present, knowing that silence itself is a great communicator. 

The benefits of conscious communication can be profound and lasting. It can produce harmony, strengthen existing bonds or build deeper ones and can lead to greater clarity. A conscious communicator can take a difficult situation and give it room to breathe. As we approach the holiday season, a time when friends and family draw near, being a conscious communicator may serve us well.

To become a more conscious communicator, be clear about your intended outcome. Become an active listener and listen with your whole self, while speaking from your heart. As you communicate, keep an open mind and an open heart. Make room for silence and allow yourself to be mindful of the feelings and emotions that arise within you as you listen, and as you speak.  Pay attention to your own internal dialogue and the impact it can have on your exchange. While expressing fears and concerns may make us feel particularly vulnerable, speaking openly about them may make us feel lighter. Be aware that everything we say, think, and experience creates a chemistry in the body that can lead to well-being, discomfort and even disease. Remember that while communication happens in the moment, it can be colored by our past. Do your best to keep from judging. Intend for compassion, kindness and a peaceful outcome.

Milagros Phillips has been a Sound Shaman/teacher and a Reiki master/teacher for 20 years, Diversity/Race Healing Consultant for over 30 years, is a multi-talented artist and an intuitive.  She is a coach and leads retreats for self-care and transformation. To join the weekly heart meditation visit


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