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Representing Your Life: A New Approach to Personal Change

Jan 04, 2014 04:34AM

Harrison Snow, director of Team Building Associates, will lead a Family Constellation Workshop at the Bridge Between Worlds Retreat Center in Charlottesville, Virginia, January 25-26, and a weeklong workshop at the same location April 20-25. Snow has been facilitating personal and professional growth workshops and trainings since 1974. He has facilitated workshops and trainings for international organizations in 24 countries worldwide.

Family Constellations (also known as Systemic Constellations) was developed by the German therapist, Bert Hellinger, who demonstrated how current life issues can be traced back to dynamics hidden in each person’s family background. Remarkably, events that took place long before birth can profoundly affect the quality of personal and professional relationships. 

The Constellation process, better known in Europe than in the United States, uses a phenomological approach to personal change, meaning that it notices “what is” in a person’s life, based on the consequences of different actions and then solutions are sought. A family, like an organization, is a system. Different parts of the system can be identified and represented by individuals or representatives. When the representatives are set-up as a “constellation”, new insights emerge.

In this work, the representatives do not role play or adopt some type of posture. In fact, the less they know or assume about their roles the better. Each representative simply stands where placed and notices any feelings, thoughts or sensations that might arise. The interaction between the representatives provides insights and understanding for the constellation client. Healing phrases are spoken by the representatives (given by the facilitator) so that what needs to be acknowledged or take place, actually does. Energetically, a shift can occur that may lead to new possibilities. 

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