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Come Feast on the JOY Diet rEVOLution

Jan 04, 2014 04:27AM

Are you looking to embrace more joy into your daily life and not quite sure how to go about it?  Treat and honor yourself to a great start in 2014 and let the JOY Diet rEVOLution be your gift to yourself. Set aside some time each week to come play, discover and tap into the magic of life, by calling in and embracing a deeper capacity for joy in your life. 

The vital importance of joy in life is often neglected. The JOY Diet rEVOLution will offer 10 weeks to 10 people and 10 opportunities to invite more spark into your life every day. Come delve into 10 daily practices for a happier life that will propel you into a more joy-filled mindfulness and will offer you abundance. Come connect in-person and in community with other joy seekers, beginning February 6, and make Thursday evenings your joy focus night. 

Michelle Dubreuil Macek, a Martha Beck trained life coach and Biodanza Movement Facilitator, offers heart centered coaching, teaching, mind-body connection and lots of fun and activities that will expand your perspective on life, and open the doors for a more magical, expansive and grateful existence.

Although not a weight loss program, the JOY Diet rEVOLution may put you and your body into the joy/love zone where stress is allowed to dissipate and weight loss can then become a real possibility.

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