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Befriending the Inner Muse

Jan 04, 2014 03:52AM

Every person was created to be creative and has an inner muse (inspiration) and artist (expression) at their disposal at all times. Each person is an inexhaustible source of ideas, inventions and innovations that can be used in work or play—all inspired by an unseen force within us, that which can be called the inner muse. 

Whether written, performed or visual, the arts are living systems that feed, uplift and sustain us.  To children, the arts are the original forms of expression. Some children make up stories; others love to color, paint and dance. Some children make up songs, act out battles with imaginary foes and play with imaginary friends. At times, children commune with nature and make friends with trees and forest animals. Most are multi-talented artists and explore combinations of artistic expressions. No matter what form the arts take in our lives, a common thread is a relationship with the inner-muse, that is pure joy.

At this time of uncertainty, the pace of change has increased tremendously, the intuitive inner-muse can once again be each person’s best friend. Embarking on a dialogue with one’s inner muse can lead to profound awareness, creative opportunities and peaceful resolutions. The muse can remind us to see the world through the eyes of the artist. The muse can help us to see beauty in muddy situations, and extract from the shadow, the essence of our inner light.

The inner muse is a resident of the heart, knowing that the creator created each person to be creative for a reason. The inner muse can lead each person to remember that childhood expressions may be the truth of why we are here, holding the memory of each person’s life path, service to humanity and gifts to the world. As an adult, befriending the inner muse may help us live in constant awareness of how to use creativity to enhance our lives.

As we embark on a new year, resolve to reengage those creative parts of you that are clamoring for expression. To communicate with the inner muse, let your imagination flow. Play a game of “imagine if.” Do a smiling meditation. Get some color pencils and draw shapes in different colors. Write about something you are passionate about. Get out the water colors and paint. Visit galleries and museums, get inspired. Listen to classical music. Meditate on specific colors and notice how you feel. Make up a song. Dance in the kitchen. Have fun. Lightening the heart can prolong your life and help you and your inner muse engage in conscious communication.

Phillips is a multi-talented artist, and an intuitive, and has been a sound shaman/teacher, and a Reiki master/teacher for 20 years and diversity/race healing consultant for over 30 years. She is a coach and leads retreats for self-care and transformation.

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