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Sound as Therapy: The Body and its Orchestration

Jan 04, 2014 02:17AM

All that we perceive in the physical world is vibration, and vibration is sound. The constant waves of matter vibrating in our physical world make up our environment. Our thoughts are sonic. The air we breathe is alive with this phenomenon. While most of the sound that surrounds us is inaudible, it nevertheless interacts with, and is absorbed, by the human body.

The body is a finely tuned orchestra with every organ adjusted to specific frequencies. These frequencies give each individual their own unique sound. Although the body contains many pitches and tones, when it is sound, it plays like a perfectly tuned orchestra. Throw one organ out of tune and you’ll find that the whole orchestra begins to play off-key.

The human body is naturally equipped to work with sound. The body is approximately eighty percent water, one of the greatest conductors of sound. In spiritual traditions and mythology, water represents emotions (energy in motion).  As any movie maker or advertiser knows, sound is the fastest way to influence emotions. Sound can be used to frighten, sadden or control, and just as easily, sound can be used to heal, uplift, relax, soothe and comfort. 

Sound works with the limbic system, the part of the brain related to pain and associated with our emotions. This is why hearing certain music can prompt tears, or make listeners feel as if they can do anything.

Sound, particularly human voice, is as familiar to us as our breath. Before birth, babies hear the rhythm of their mother’s heartbeat and the constant oscillation of the blood as it moved through the circulatory system. As a fetus, babies hear the voices of the people, the traffic on the streets and the music playing on the stereo. This familiarity with sound makes it a comfortable tool for healing and transformation. The effects of sound are not only heard, they are also felt.

Sound forms crystalline structures in the liquids of the body. Through his experiments with Cymatics, the study of how sound affects matter, Dr. Has Jenny was able to show the highly complex patterns formed by introducing sound into a medium, be it liquid or solid. These highly complex structures could be made to change by a simple change in amplitude (increase or decrease in volume). The structure could be made to transform again by changing to a lower or higher frequency. He found that the higher the frequency of the sound, the more complex the structures formed by that sound.

In the 1980’s, Fabian Maman, a musician and researcher, showed the power of the human voice through a series of experiments. In one experiment, Maman took a blood sample from a donor and had the person sing the seven notes of the major scale to the sample. He found that with each note, the electromagnetic field of the cell changed color and shape. Maman also experimented with Hela (cancer) cells, playing a variety of instruments, including gong, drum, guitar and the human voice, for 21 minutes. He found that the most powerful was the human voice. Using the ionic scale, it could cause the Hela cell to break up in only nine minutes, while the other instruments took fourteen, eighteen and even the full 21 minutes to break up the cell.

Since those early days of research, sound has continued to offer impressive results to clients and practitioners alike. Treatments have been known to help with a variety of ailments. Knee pain, shoulder pain, stress and many other common body pains have been greatly and permanently reduced with sound therapy, which can include treatment with flutes, singing crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls and drums, as well as the human voice, to bring forth the sounds that harmonize and re-tune the body, and bring it back into balance.

Milagros Phillips has been a sound shaman/teacher, and a Reiki master/teacher for 20 years, trained as an opera singer for many years in NYC. She is a diversity/race healing consultant, multi-talented artist and an intuitive, as well as a coach and leader of retreats, for self-care and transformation. Phillips offers a weekly heart meditation.

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