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Chemical-Free Beekeeping Education in Mt. Rainier

Feb 06, 2014 05:22AM

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of your very first taste of honey, from your own colony. With new legislation making beekeeping legal around the region, the demand for beekeeping is exploding. Documentary films like More than Honey and Vanishing of the Bees have inspired people from all walks of life, to undertake the responsibility of caring for a couple of hives, even in the tiniest of backyards.

As beekeeping season in the District of Columbia metro area approaches, Azure B LLC, a family-owned permaculture farm and apiary in Marbury, Maryland, has partnered with Ancestral Knowledge of Mt. Rainier to offer “Spring Basics – Respectful, Chemical Free Beekeeping”, this March. Stefano Briguglio, beekeeper and Azure B’s founder, will lead the workshops. There will be two classroom sessions, March 2 and 9 in Mt. Rainier and one apiary session on March 29 in Marbury, which will include a live demonstration of how easy it is to install a new three pound package of honeybees.

The class is designed for beginners. Briguglio will cover the basics to include the lingo, the equipment, honeybee life cycle, feed, planting for bees, how to start, using the tools, the basic inspection and seasonal duties. By the end of the course, you will be well equipped to start a life long journey in beekeeping.

For more information about the farm, visit To register for the class, visit


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