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Happy 1st Anniversary, Natural Awakenings DC!

Mar 06, 2014 05:07AM

Dear Friends, 

I love roller coasters. For three summers when I was in college, I worked at Cedar Point, one of the best-known amusement parks in the world. Although my day job kept me in the gift shops, when work was over, many days I would head to one of the many roller coasters that Cedar Point is known for internationally. It was best on somewhat soggy days when we were able to get to the old wooden coaster, the Blue Streak. If we caught it in time before the ride was closed for rain, we could enjoy a trip with minimal use of the brakes. We would click up the hills and fly down the drops. What a ride.

This past year has reminded me quite a bit of those summers at the park. The March issue of Natural Awakenings is our first anniversary edition—and it has been an amazing year. We started last March very modestly, at only 36 pages. We printed 7,000 copies and distributed at about 200 locations throughout Washington and Maryland. The small group of very supportive advertisers put their confidence in me and the magazine, with the hope that we would grow—and we did with a number of ups and downs. But fortunately, mostly ups.

With the March 2014 issue, we have grown to 52 pages, are printing 27,500 magazines (and increasing each month) and distribute to more than 750 locations in the district, Maryland and northern Virginia, as well as many of the area expos, festivals and conferences. I have been joined by an amazing team of writers, editors, sales people, designers and confidants—all who have been as passionate about bringing the best information, resources and ideas to the D.C. metro area. Natural Awakenings has been so graciously received by practitioners, business owners and readers alike. We are definitely flying now and there is no end in sight. Our plans for the coming year include more events and more opportunities to spread the word about healthy, green and balanced living. Stay tuned as we share about these opportunities.

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy the March issue. Our theme this month is urban gardening trends and is complemented by some lovely pieces on eating gluten-free by nutritionist, Marietta Amatangelo and eating for the season by Dr. Melissa Windsor. We also have an exclusive look at the area’s labyrinths by documentary filmmaker Cintia Cabib, as a preview for her upcoming film on that subject.

I hope you have enjoyed reading Natural Awakenings over the past year and will continue to find us in your favorite neighborhood locations in the months and years to come. If you know of other locations that would welcome us as a distributor site or have thoughts on what you would like to see in the magazine, please don’t hesitate to share those with us by emailing [email protected] 

Thanks again for your support and I hope you continue to enjoy this joyous ride with me.

With warm wishes –



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