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Local Author Shares Ground-Breaking Research with New Book

Douglas Kinney just published his breakthrough research book, Frontiers of Knowledge: Scientific and Spiritual Sources for a New Era. It details the findings from scientifically trained researchers who are revolutionizing our understanding of ourselves and the universe. The author covers unusual (and up to now, unexplained) phenomena in quantum physics, cosmology, biology, mind, healing, near-death experiences, reincarnation investigations and spiritual regression explorations. It is the first book to fully outline the new knowledge revolution’s scope and the integrated concepts of reality needed to explain all of the phenomena. His explanations highlight the central role of consciousness, spiritual intelligence and subtle energy-information fields in all levels of our universe—from quantum to humans, to galaxy structures.

Kinney’s smaller companion book, Framework of Reality: Understanding Our Subtle Spiritual Nature, is available for those just wanting the highlights of this new knowledge revolution. Kinney’s broad experience, talents and skills combine to uniquely qualify him to write this ambitious book about frontier science, consciousness and spirituality. He is a New Thought minister and practitioner, a certified spiritual hypnotist (including between-lives regression) and a spiritual journalist, who has personal relationships with several spiritual channels. Kinney’s great system integration and synthesis talents, from his many years as a high-level defense system engineer and architect, have also been critical.

Douglas Kinney is a member of the Institute for Noetic Science (IONS) and the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE). For more information about Frontiers of Knowledge: Scientific and Spiritual Sources for a New Era, email  [email protected], or visit

June 2020




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