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Letter from Robin, the Publisher

Apr 30, 2014 03:41AM

Dear Readers,

When I was young, I remember the term women's intuition, as a mysterious semi-superpower that all females (supposedly) possessed (or held) over men. In the day when women were often considered second class citizens and were challenging the status quo for rights (by burning our bras) to earn equal wages and opportunities, I heard that there was this thing called women's intuition where we (i.e. the entire gender) had the capacity to know things that men weren't able to know. As a young woman in the 1970s, I wasn't certain that I had been bestowed this gift. In my busy life, between school, non-stop extracurricular activities and friends, I didn't take a lot of time to reflect on where I was going, much less to tap into a deep well of knowledge that would help me take my next steps, or tap feelings and emotions of my friends and family. Spending time in silence was something to be avoided because, I thought, if I wasn't moving, I might lose my chance to take my next step.

I've come to know intuition as something quite different. Perhaps it came as the result of being a mother—with times of silence as I held my children, when babies, as they nodded off to sleep. These tender, precious moments provided me with a needed respite and place of deep connection. I knew with the slightest glance, what they were thinking, feeling and experiencing. Perhaps that was the first step in my journey to discover my own superpower.

Now I find that there are times, when deeply listening to others, that I intuitively know the next thing that my companions are to say, just as the thought seemed to be coming into their mind. Not always—and it always surprises me, as it does them. “How did you know what I was going to say?” It isn’t a super-power but a moment of clarity—a deep connection and a different way of listening—which is something that we can foster in ourselves.

Our theme this month is women's wellness, with a wonderful feature with the latest thinking on intuition and listening with your heart. Senior editor of Natural Awakenings, Linda Sechrist, presents scholarship that moves the topic from the ephemeral to the scientific. By tending to our own stillness and listening to that deep inner voice, every person (men too) can tap into a source of inner guidance that leads to a fuller life. I hope you read it, share it and then, start a conversation with your friends. Find out how your inner voice can strengthen and heal you and the others whom you hold dear.


Have a wonderful May, and don’t forget to call your mother—to thank her for sharing her own superpowers with you!


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