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The Cutting Edge in Health, Healing, Brain Wellness and Enlightenment with Chas Gant M.D., Ph.D.

Apr 30, 2014 05:19AM


Dr. Chas Gant, an internationally known author, physician and local practitioner, grounds his healing work with the fundamental belief that his job, as a healer, is to prepare his patients for a greater journey to wellness and fullness of life. It is through his rare combination of training in biochemistry, his medical degree and specialties in family practice, psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, as well as genetics, that he has been able to perfect unique and highly-successful integrative treatment strategies that transcend the standard protocol of treating symptoms, through medication or even nutritional supplements and holistic treatments alone.

With a variety of tools in his metaphorical medical bag, Gant is able to start at any place in the life of a patient, to address the root causes for chronic emotional and physical pain, dysfunction and disease. “If I get stuck on the biochemistry part, I can shift gears into psychotherapy or teach mindfulness. Or, I can start at the other end and look for immunological, toxicological, metabolic, genetic or infectious stressors, to see what impedes my patient from fully living—from experiencing a complete life. It is a journey,” states Gant.

The healing part of this journey, to Gant, tends to be the easy part. “With in-depth, functional medicine and gene testing that has now become a relatively inexpensive, insurance-covered diagnostic tool, and the science that is becoming widely available, getting good outcomes for all types of chronic medical and psychiatric problems has become fairly routine.  What is lacking for the patient, however, is that when someone is sick, both physically and mentally, it is difficult for them to feel compassion—to feel the love—and to be open to everything that is going on around them, which is often the most serious impediment to wellness.” 

To heal the patient fully, the brain needs to be engaged to its natural state. People everywhere are buzzing about mindfulness, which is a practice in which Gant has practiced and taught for several decades. In his medical practice, he sees patients whose brains have become too toxic—nutritionally deprived or metabolically imbalanced—which diminishes their capacity to fully reap the benefits of a mindfulness or spiritual practice. By incorporating his extensive understanding of the brain as “an organ structurally designed to attain enlightenment,” Gant has elevated the whole concept of medical practice to perhaps unprecedented levels.

Often, patients come to him as the last resort, having exhausted tens of thousands of dollars on testing and treatments which were not effective, only to find that previous testing didn’t reveal basic biochemical imbalances, infections and toxicities that were the root cause of the disease or chronic emotional and physical pain. There is no typical patient for Gant, as he searches for the root causes of cancer, auto-immune diseases, depression, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, autism, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and cardio-vascular disease, as well as many other conditions and diseases. He has published ground-breaking research on his work with addictions and AD/HD (which will be presented in future issues of Natural Awakenings).

While fully accepting his role in the healing process, Gant is shifting the traditional paradigm within the medical profession, with the doctor serving in a new role. Healing patients not as end unto itself, but instead to prepare his patients to take on the challenges of a spiritual journey, which he sees as the most important purpose of the human experience. Throughout his career, he has been turning his relationships with patients into a dialogue between equals or partners in the journey, as he sees his professional activities as seamlessly bound to a spiritual life. 

Gant helps his patients understand that, “to engage the brain in this process is an integral part of what is happening all around the world.” Why not use our strength, which is our scientific knowledge, to understand the mechanisms of how healing happens. Our brains are designed to express compassion, evolutionarily selected to be enlightened, but we are not accessing all of our gifts, our hardware, which we are obviously designed to use.” It is Gant’s mission to bring this message to his patients and all those who seek greater understanding of sharing the human experience.


To learn more about Dr. Chas Gant, call 202-237-7000, ext 104 or visit Watch for more articles by Gant in upcoming issues of Natural Awakenings.


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