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Rolfing Restores Alignment, Balance and Freedom of Movement

Apr 30, 2014 05:14AM

Rolfing Structural Integration has the potential to put your body aches to rest and give you the freedom of movement you thought wasn’t possible anymore. And contrary to popular belief, Rolfing  can be highly effective and pain-free.

This hands-on form of bodywork manipulates the fascial wrapping of muscles and bone that is continuous from your head to your feet. The Rolfing approach is named after its original developer, Ida Rolf, and approaches the body from the unique perspective that gravity constantly works against our efforts to stand upright, causing strain patterns and shortness in the fascial network which supports our form. Eventually, our inefficient movement and postural patterns cause discomfort or pain in the body.

By addressing an individual’s unique strain patterns using myofascial release, Rolfing restores optimal alignment over a series of sessions, usually 10. During the Rolfing process, clients often report having more energy, feeling taller, sleeping more soundly, returning to favorite activities with no pain and generally feeling increased range of motion in their joints.

Rolfing can provide relief to people experiencing congenital postural challenges, lingering pain due to falls, sports-related injuries, repetitive stress injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis), back strain, post-partum changes, periods of inactivity and the stiffness and misalignment that remains after surgical procedures, including mastectomy, knee, back, hip and shoulder surgery.


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