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Spring Clean Your Beauty Products

Apr 30, 2014 07:42AM

The average American uses 12 (or more) skincare and beauty products per day. If you are using conventional, non-organic products, then this equals 12 potentially toxic loads applied directly to your body. Your skin is your bodies largest organ and absorbs toxins into your bloodstream. By entering through the skin, these toxins can be deposited and stored throughout your tissues, before your liver has a chance to metabolize and detoxify them. On the other hand, your beauty routine could be 12 opportunities to nourish your body with plant-based, certified organic products.

Which will you choose? The answer is obvious, but most women do not realize they are making this choice when they purchase their skincare and beauty products.  Many products that claim to be “natural” are actually filled with potentially harmful substances.

Here are ten ingredients to avoid: parabens, fragrance, phthalates, BHA, boric acid or sodium borate, mineral oil (petrolatum), PEG (polyethelyne glycol), formaldehyde, preservatives ending in “-thiazolinone” and triclosan. 

Keep these harmful chemicals in mind when you shop and check the labels on your existing products. Every small step that you take in spring cleaning your personal care products leads to your overall health and wellness.

Alexis Knox offers NYR Organic products, which are certified organic and effective. For more information on making the switch to certified organic skincare safe for men, women and even babies, email [email protected], or visit NYR Organic at

Visit her at DC Birth and Babies Fair, May 3 at The Hill Center and the Green Festival. 


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