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Happy June, Dear Friends

The summer is always a great time for families to make memories together, with vacations, summer night camp fires and car trips. I appreciate that when I am with the whole family, we often get to telling stories of past vacations and other times together—sometimes funny, sometimes touching or sometimes sad, as we think of those who aren't with us anymore.

The stories don't get old either. Our family's inside jokes are brought up over and over and never fail to bring a smile to our lips, as we recall the times and places where the happy memories were born—blueberry picking in Maine, floating down a river in Costa Rica, board game nights that went way too late and going back even further to when I was a child, feeding a pair of baby raccoons who "adopted" us after their mother had been struck by a car.

We all have stories that make us who we are. They provide the substance for our identity. The way we think about them and share them with others enables and empowers us to claim a space that is uniquely ours. The theme in this month's magazine delves into the topic of telling our stories. Judith Fertig discusses the transformative power of telling your own story.  She suggests that by telling your truth, you can change your life and heal your body.

There has been substantial research in the field of mind-body medicine to show that when we tell an authentic story about ourselves, our body responds and relaxes. In a sense, the cells of our body know when we are telling our own truth. This research has profound implications for the health of each individual and the medical establishment. As our healers open themselves to hear not only the symptoms but also the stories of their patients, the capacity to heal fully is expanded.

So, take the opportunity to make some memories and prepare to share them with the world. The summer awaits for you to learn, love and share.



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