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Home Electrotherapy is Catching On

Jun 04, 2014 04:27AM

Electromedicine is an advanced form of therapy that is now becoming popular when other forms of treatment fail. “Studies have shown that disease and aging are directly related to the body’s production of free radicals,” says Jacqueline Panting, ND. “If we directly quench those tissue-damaging toxins, people experience relief of pain and often healing will begin.”

The Integrity Research Institute (IRI), based in Beltsville, Maryland, is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to educating the public on new green energy technologies and helping to establish research integrity in all of the energy sciences. The institute has coined the phrase “electronic antioxidants” because a handheld electrotherapy unit terminates free radicals, by abundantly supplying the key ingredient of encapsulated antioxidant supplements–the electron, such as those produced by BioEnergy Device.

Preliminary studies using before and after treatment with handheld electrotherapy units, such as those produced by BioEnergyDevice, show that carotenoid (vitamin A) levels in the blood rise when free radicals fall.

Patients who use the therapy notice relief as well. Just recently, a user of one unit, the Premier Junior, greatly improved his damaged knee. He reported, “I have been using the unit for two weeks, both in the morning and evening. I have less pain, which means I can stand and walk better. Also, in a peculiar way, I have more energy and a better mood. The Premier Junior. has already made a huge difference.”

The IRI has also been working on a range of devices, including a magnetic pulse device and another which reverses osteoporosis while sleeping.


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