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Craniosacral Therapy Treating Post Concussion Syndrome

Jun 04, 2014 03:28AM

Every year, 24,000 children below the age of five have mild to traumatic brain injuries (TBI), due to falling from shopping carts in the United States. 250,000 children in the United States get treatment for concussions from sports injuries yearly, according to ABC and NBC evening news reports in March 2014. An average of 53,000 people die yearly, in the United States from concussions or TBI, according to the Center for Disease Control.

After getting a CAT scan to make certain that there is no brain hemorrhaging or swelling, the ER will send you home telling you to drink plenty of water, rest not read, play electronic games or play sports for a week. But, what about the lingering headaches, dizziness, confused thinking, double vision, loss of equilibrium, ear ringing or nausea you maybe left with? These symptoms are known as post concussion syndrome or PCS.

Anytime there is a compression of the bones and membranes in the head or neck, this restricts the flow and stabilizing pressure of cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF), blood flow, neural conductivity and the ability of the brain and surrounding membranes to function as they should. Craniosacral therapy is one of the few treatment avenues that are available to treat PCS with good long lasting results.

Craniosacral therapy originated as part of Dr. W. G. Sutherland's experiments. As an osteopathic physician, he realized that compression of certain cranial bones created restrictions that could be relieved by gentle pressure and subtle movements of the head and neck. Dr. Upledger furthered his approach, by adding work with the hydration of the cranial membranes and the pulses of the CSF as it travels through the body.

By working with the system to balance the bones, CSF and rehydrate the membranes, pain can be relieved, pressure released from the spine and nerves, allowing vision, hearing and brain neural chemistry to return to normalcy.


Connie Hambrock, Ph.D. has been practicing craniosacral therapy (CST) and treating PCS in Herndon since 1996. As a National Board Certified Massage Therapist, CST, HypnoTherapist and Energy Healer, she owns and operates Hambrock Holistic Healing Center in Herndon. For more information, contact [email protected] or visit


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