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National Spotlight on Local Green Blogger

Jun 28, 2014 07:43AM

Lori Hill, also known as the driving force behind the Sister Eden (, made her mark nationally after the Green Festival last month.  Following her talk at the festival, titled How to Inspire People to Go Green Without Being an Intellectual Schmuck, Forbes magazine featured Hill’s work with her husband, John Robinette and one of the signature videos of Sister Eden. Forbes columnist, Kate Harrison, who regularly reports on green living for the magazine, attended the May 31 through June 1 Green Festival in Washington, to learn more about the work being done in the nation’s capitol. At the festival, Harrison interviewed Hill about the work of Sister Eden.

Sister Eden is an entertainment, information, news and commentary company, committed to showing others that there are many benefits, including financial, to living a life in balance. Their videos, while fun and humorous, provide solid information on how to take steps to live with a smaller carbon footprint on the earth. Taking a lighter approach, Sister Eden complements the serious work of environmental groups such as the Sierra Club and, by creating resources that reach people where the are—even if they are just starting on a journey into green living—and helping them to take small steps on that path.

To read the Forbes article, search Kate Harrison at To read more about Sister Eden and the work of Lori Hill, visit  


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