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Local Spiritual Counselor Addresses National Conference

Douglas Kinney, local healer, author and spiritual counselor, had the opportunity to address the Society for Scientific Explorations’ (SSE) annual conference, last month, in San Francisco. His presentation focused on how the human subtle-energy body system can explain many unusual mind-body consciousness phenomena.

As part of his presentation, Kinney covered several areas of unusual phenomena that have been documented by scientists in SSE’s professional journal, including healings in past-life hypnotherapy of pain symptoms that did not respond to conventional medical treatments, stigmata, birthmarks found on some of the children who remember their past life in detail match autopsy reports of the wounds that contributed to their death in that life and where consciousness (the mind) is located in near-death out-of body experiences.

These topics are covered in detail in Kinney’s book, Frontiers of Knowledge: Scientific and Spiritual Sources for a New Era. This book details the findings from scientifically trained researchers who are revolutionizing the conventional understanding of consciousness and the universe.


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