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Laughter Yoga Training

Jun 28, 2014 07:31AM

Laughter and meditation go hand-in-hand, during a memorable weekend of laughter and silence at the Ninth YogaLaughs Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training, on August 15 to 17, in Knoxville, Maryland (just an hour from District of Columbia). Throughout the training, participants learn the techniques and art of deep mirthful laughter, followed by quiet, refreshing, peaceful silence—this is the essence of Laughter Yoga— it will be shared by an experienced teaching team of certified leaders and teachers.

 Laughing heartily can provide the potential mental and physical health benefits of meditation, without the years of required study, a new study suggests. According to Lee Berk of Loma Linda University's School of Medicine, mirthful laughter creates, “A brain-wave pattern linked to being 'in the zone,' the highest state of cognitive processing.”

 What helps us break into belly laughter? Laughter Yoga can get folks laughing even when nothing is funny. Sessions begin with laughing as neutral exercise, relying on innate social and physiological factors to kick-in, then continues until participants may actually be, rolling on the floor laughing. Laughter Yoga is the cheat sheet for accessing the benefits of prolonged, mirthful laughter—and now also seems for deeper states of meditation.

 After a weekend filled with laughter, meditative silence, much group practice, compelling presentations, new friendships and great food, new leaders are certified to teach Laughter Yoga in gyms, studios, senior centers, businesses and more. A special Saturday evening session will explore prolonged laughter and gamma brain-wave activity. Discover how to easily laugh into meditative bliss.


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