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Green Your Routine

Jun 28, 2014 07:09AM

Michele Muise, owner of Muse Concierge is no novice when it comes to sustainability. She says, throughout her childhood, her family always shopped local for the freshest foods and, to support the local economy. “My mom would mix low-fat powdered milk with whole milk,” she continues jokingly, “She made two percent milk, before it was even thought of.”

 Muise incorporates sustainable practice into the services offered at Muse Concierge. Errands, food services and elder care are among the services offered, however Muse brings her commitment to sustainable practice full circle, through training programs such as the “Green Your Routine” seminar.

During the seminar, Muise shares 20 simple steps to take, in order to reduce your carbon footprint. Among those steps are using reusable water bottles, rather than buying a case of plastic bottles; adding a water filter to your faucet or placing energy-efficient LED light bulbs throughout your home. Other ways to save the planet, as well as keep money in your wallet, are taking a reusable cup to your favorite coffee shop or Starbucks, for a discounted cup of joe, as well as making your own all-purpose cleaner using eight cups of water, ½ cup of vinegar and ¼ cup of baking soda. “The seminar is for someone who doesn’t have time to read a 50 page book; it provides 20 things you can do immediately, to change your lifestyle habits and reduce your carbon footprint,” Muse shares. The seminar also discusses recycling. Muse puts emphasis on the fact that recycling can also mean reusing. “I share information on what can be recycled and resources like, Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill and consignment stores.” The next “Green Your Routine” seminar will be held July 12 at Palisades Library.

 In addition to seminars, Muse Concierge provides additional training in small training classes, instructional design and also develops and delivers instructional material to your classroom. Other sustainable services include organic dry cleaning and chemical free carpet cleaning. “Think about it: do you want harsh chemicals on your feet? My green carpet cleaning service is just as effective, and chemical free,” says Muise.

 Muise expresses that growing up in the District of Columbia, she understands busy lifestyles, and the balancing act between home, family and work. Her experience as a quality manager, and in catering, led her to the creation of Muse Concierge, where she is able to provide a variety of services, so you can get back to living your inspired life. “There are so many things that we take for granted in our throw away lifestyle. The services I offer give people their time back; time that they can spend on more important things, like enjoying their family vacation.”

Muse Concierge was formed by Michele Muise, who sought to use her diverse skill set of helping others to live a more creative, inspired life. For more information, call 301-337-0988 or visit


Sharon Hadden, writer, editor and public relations consultant helps businesses manage and understand their digital footprint. 


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