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Holistic and Eco-Friendly Dental Care Courtesy of The DC Dentist

Jun 28, 2014 07:06AM

With a brilliant smile and gentle manner, Dr. Terry Victor, is also known as The DC Dentist.  He shares his commitment to green and healthy living, one smile at a time, from his office located in Capitol Hill a few blocks from the Eastern Market Metro.  Dr. Victor is well-known throughout the DC metro region for his capacity to heal his patients using holistic, biological and minimally invasive dental procedures—both in the care of his patients and in the deliberate design of his office.

A graduate of Howard University Dental School, Dr. Victor did not initially intend to become a dentist but the thought of going into a healing profession was an idea that appealed to him over time.  He was always mindful of his own health and wanted to find a profession that matched his vision to bring health to others. His learning did not end with the completion of his dental degree. With sixteen years of experience as a holistic and biological dentist, Dr. Victor brings a competence and confidence to his work which is reassuring to his patients. Dr. Victor is constantly taking additional continuing education courses to learn even more in an effort to bring the best quality health care to all of his patients.  Dr. Victor states his goal is simply, “to be the best dentist that I can be and to provide excellent service to my patients.”

Dentistry is an important component of health care but has yet become a field in which holistic practices are gaining traction. In fact, Dr. Victor suggests that among the medical professions, dentistry, as a whole, is lagging behind other alternative healing modalities. This is a trend he believes will change as more patients seek holistic treatments for the source of their disease, rather than just alleviating symptoms.  As patients look to incorporate eco-friendly products and services in other aspects of their lives, more individuals will look for practitioners who honor their values for holistic healing and who have created work spaces that do not endanger the Earth.

A walk through Dr. Victor’s office reveals this commitment to green and healthy living as it looks quite different from many other dental practices. The office is housed in a beautifully restored historic building in the Eastern Market neighborhood and offers a welcoming and soothing environment instead of a sterile dental practice. Dr. Victor uses the latest technology to reduce negative impacts upon his patients. Rather than tearing down and rebuilding a new structure, much of the original character of the building has been maintained and restored—including the original flooring.

 The X-ray machines used by The DC Dentist are specially designed to emit the lowest radiation possible, which is helpful to both the patients and the staff.  Dr. Victor is accredited by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) in protocol for the proper removal of amalgam fillings. An amalgam separator is used so that the mercury does not go into the city’s wastewater but it is disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.  Even the paint on the walls (no VOC paint) and energy-reducing rooftop filled with growing plants are eco-friendly.

Dr. Victor, along with his staff, has a noble mission to bring wellness to his neighbors and to all who seek a different path for dental care.  This mission is fueled by a passion to learn the best techniques, the safest treatment options and the most balanced approach to care.  Their efforts have been noticed throughout the region as Dr. Victor was named the Best Dentist for 2014 by the Washington City Paper.


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