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Learn the Basics of Gluten-Free Living

Jul 29, 2014 04:15AM

More people are discovering the benefits of going gluten-free—either because of a medical condition such as celiac disease, food sensitivities, allergies or simply because they feel better when they give up wheat. Neck, Back and Beyond, a local wellness practice in Fairfax is offering a daylong seminar on Gluten-free Living on August 2.

This interactive workshop, presented by Babette Lamarre, a nutritional therapy practitioner, contains practical information for those new to the lifestyle and those who consider themselves to be veterans of the gluten-free lifestyle. The seminar will cover topics such as the history of wheat and how it affects the body, the importance of blood sugar regulation when choosing gluten-free foods, a simple rating system to determine the nutritional value of gluten-free foods, a tasting of 15 gluten-free foods (so you can select your favorites) and daily meal planning for eating gluten-free.

In addition to the daylong workshop, Neck, Back and Beyond helps those living gluten-free with a monthly support group, which meets the first Thursday of each month.

Neck, Back and Beyond is located in Mosby Tower, 10560 Main St, Ste PH-1 in Fairfax. To register for the workshop or learn more about the gluten-free support network at Neck, Back and Beyond, visit or call (703) 865-5690. 

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