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Welcome fall

Sep 04, 2014 02:17AM
I am not sure where the summer went, but looking back, it was a full and fun-filled three months of family, friends and travel. I hope each of you had a joy-filled summer.

Even though I have no young ones at home to prepare for the first day of school, sporting new shoes, a special “first day” outfit and a new backpack filled with school supplies, adjusting my own internal calendar includes some of those “first day” practices-preparing my mind and spirit for the learning I hope to gain in the months ahead and opening to possibilities of growth for me and my family. Thinking about the start of a “new year” leads me to consider that another year has ticked past. As a student, the time was marked off by “year” in school – moving from kindergartener and up through the grades. The passage of time in those early years of life helps to define where each of us was in our stages of growth. As adults, the opportunity to move ahead from year to year isn’t as neatly defined. Rather, our socially constructed notions of millennials, Gen-Xers, baby boomers or seniors, provide a general concept of our “grade” but does little to help define our next steps in this progression.

This is on my mind as I consider the feature article this month on Conscious Caretaking. This is a serious issue for a growing number of men and women, who are now labeled as the “sandwich generation,” taking care of children at home and aging parents who increasingly need more assistance at home or in an assisted-living facility. I encourage you to glean the thoughtful, practical advice shared this month, which focuses on the care for the care-giver.

September is also our Yoga Special Edition. It is clear to see the impact that yoga has on the DC culture just by noticing the increasing number of metro riders with yoga mats slung over their shoulders and sporting the glow after stepping out of class. Our goal in providing a special edition is to help share resources to the community in the hopes that our readers will give yoga a try if they haven’t yet embraced this mind-body practice. The Washington D.C. region is full to overflowing of amazing yoga studios, with a wide variety of traditions and styles.

Yoga is not only provides a wonderful opportunity to challenge your body, it also provides healing for those who suffer from grief, who have physical disabilities, and those who seek to change their eating regime. It is good for children and families. Everyone can do it and everyone should, in my humble opinion. September is a time for firsts, so if you haven’t yet checked out your neighborhood yoga studio-this may be the time to give it a try.

Hope your first days of fall give you the inspiration for a new season of learning, love and possibility.

Peace- Robin


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