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Your Path to Destiny

Sep 04, 2014 02:09AM
by HawaH

I remember walking to the bus stop. Hot pavement under my feet and towering thin transparent clouds forming an inadequate barrier between the pumping fists of the sun.

I need to get to work. Sweat is already dripping down my chin while I gaze upon the half-tilted faded metal bus stop sign a block away. It peers at me from the distance, posing as both finish line and starting point to a new race.

Ahead at the bus stop, I see an unorganized huddle of bodies, a few of whom are singing email to their smart pads. A few sit on a wooden bench, staring out the hazy Plexiglas of the bus stop awning. I check my watch and see that I’m running ahead of schedule. The bus still shouldn’t be coming for at least five more minutes.

At that same instance, I hear the sound of the big tires rolling up behind me. The punched-in sound of a clutch cranking into the floor, the shaking of windows as the big tires dipped into a small pothole. I quickly turn my head and see the bus rolling up behind me. There is no traffic to slow it down. I’m about a block away from the bus stop and frozen stuck between two salient options.

The first is to stand there and surrender my fate to the universe. I repeat to myself, “Oh well. I guess this was just not my morning and the universe didn’t want me to catch the bus today.” It seems from the moment I opened the fridge and found that there was no more milk for the cereal that destiny today was already written.

The second option before me was to take my bag, hold onto it a bit tighter and start running up the block. This option presented an interesting predicament. It didn’t guarantee that I would catch the bus, but it engaged my will so that it would not have to breathe in the exhaust of resignation.

The contemplation on choice is sometimes the toughest part of any day. The universe provided some context here to make it a bit harder for me to catch the bus, yet still I can act now to change the situation. The bus came ahead of schedule, but my reaction is what is powerful and in my control. My reaction could be to blame it on the universe-to say I guess it just wasn’t meant to happen for me this morning. Or, the other route could be-I lift my feet, pick up my heels and start running.

My destiny is my choice. Each moment of my life, I am setting into motion a series of succeeding moments that will ultimately shape my future. It is also my choice to leave my destiny up to the universe, to give the universe full discretion over my life. Or, I can choose to shift my thought and embrace the knowledge that I am the universe. When this happens, what I previously would blame on “destiny” is actually something I understand is actually how I decide to play the hand that I was dealt.

The choice is mine. The choice is yours. The choice is ours. This is your path to destiny. You can make all the excuses you want, or, you can start to shape today.

HawaH has authored four books and produced three documentary films. He is co-founder and executive director of the non-profit organization, One Common Unity.


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