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Top Local Chefs Prepare Your Meals and Bring Them Close

Sep 04, 2014 01:58AM
Power Supply has quickly grown to become a favorite option for local overworked professionals who have decided that it is important to eat healthy, tasty meals, even if they have little time to prepare them. A tech meets food kind of service, Power Supply connects busy folks who want to eat better with talented local food makers who have interesting and tasty contributions to make to the traditionally less adventurous healthy food realm. The Arlington based company has expanded to offer a variety of menus to customers who order meals in weekly plans (from 3 to 10 meals) with delivery every Monday and Thursday.

Starting from a no gluten, no dairy foundation that applies to all their meals, Power Supply offers freshly prepared meals for vegetarians and meat eaters alike - from its Mixitarian and Paleo lines featuring antibiotic-free meats to a Vegetarian offering that’s rich in protein but light on soy and eggs and thus vegan friendly. Much of the food is locally or regionally sourced and all of it is high quality and humanely raised. Meals can be ordered online and are delivered to a growing list (82 and counting) of gyms and yoga studios from Baltimore to Lorton (no membership required to pickup).

This network for table-ready meals was the brainchild of Patrick Smith, a local tech entrepreneur who founded the company when trying to serve a need in his own life. After starting a CrossFit program and switching to a Paleo diet, he realized that it was time consuming to plan, shop, prepare and then eat the foods required in his new regime. Starting with a few locations and a few local chefs, Smith was able to coordinate all the planning, shopping and preparing, leaving just the best part (the eating) to the customer.

Since those early days, Power Supply has drawn on Smith’s software roots to build a food and technology platform that now connects eight local chefs, each with a specialty, to conscious and time-strapped eaters throughout the region. Chef Anna Bran Leis, born in Guatemala, brings a love for international flavors and “from-scratch traditions” to her repertoire of meals. Chef Peter He specializes in super food veggies, sustainably raised and antibiotic-free proteins and heirloom rice, while Soupergirl co-founder, Chef Sara Polon adds her amazing soups to the menus of Power Supply customers.

To learn more about all the chefs and ordering information and menus, visit Natural Awakenings readers can save $10 off their first order by going to or using “NATURAL” as their gift card at checkout.

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