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Hambrock Holistic Healing Center Takes Care of the Whole Person

Sep 04, 2014 01:35AM
by Samatha Hudgins

Much like putting two puzzle pieces together doesn’t show the entire picture, healing just one part of a person won’t make them whole. That’s why Hambrock Holistic Healing Center aims to take care of a person’s mind, body and soul—all of which founder Connie Hambrock believes interconnect.

To achieve the goal of mind, body and soul total wellness, Hambrock Holistic Healing Center is home to an ebb and flow of complementary healers and educators,which currently include a hypnotist, massage therapist, psychotherapist, two estheticians, and most recently a crystal healer. The practitioners often have training in more than one field, something that emphasizes their approach of total wellness, as it allows for a broader view of what might be ailing an individual.

Though it is not always needed, another benefit of the Healing Center is the ability to refer patients to a different treatment without leaving the comfort of the office, which is set up as a nurturing space so individuals will feel comfortable talking about intimate and personal issues. Dr. Hambrock says the office is often described to her as feeling like “walking into someone’s home.”

Healing and nurturing are just part of their wellness equation. The other main component is education. Taking cues from the patients themselves, each individual is given a great deal of information on how to lead a lifestyle that keeps their body in tune with both their mind and soul.

Increased awareness of alternative healing has resulted in more people coming in with a particular therapy in mind,but each patient at the Healing Center is given time to ensure that they understand what is being done and what they can do for themselves. Dr. Hambrock acknowledges that some individuals prefer no extra consultation or to be massaged in silence, and options for those patients are offered.

The Healing Center also educates by offering monthly classes and certifications in several of their healing practices. Classes include professional hypnosis, healing touch certification and crystal therapy, all of which are taught by certified instructors.Jewelry making classes are sometimes held in conjunction with the crystal therapy so individuals can make necklaces targeted to their specific healing needs.The next class offered is “How to Use Crystals with Energy,”Saturday,September 27.  In October, an informational open house will be held.

Hambrock Holistic Healing Center opened in 2002 as one of Herndon’s first alternative treatment facilities.It continues to set itself apart in a growing field by emphasizing the importance of relationships—between practitioner and patient, between individuals and the world, and between the mind, body and soul. The center currentlyhas space to expand with another massage therapist and an alternative medicine therapist who want to collaborate and who would complement the whole wellness approach.

Location: 297 Herndon Pkwy, Ste. 105.For an appointment or to learn more about the therapies offered, call 571-331-9208 or email [email protected] or visit See ad, page #.

Samantha Hudgins is a writing enthusiast and outreach director for Natural Awakenings DC.


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