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Level Fitness

Sep 04, 2014 01:19AM
Living Level, Obtaining Balance in the Mind, Body and Soul

Ten years ago in the heart of Cabin John, a little gym first opened its doors to invite members of the Cabin John, Potomac, North Potomac and Bethesda communities to obtain better lives through fitness in an environment one can only describe as unique. Level, A Unique Fitness Club, aptly named for its unique fitness approach became a hub for fitness in this community.

From the road it looks like just another house in this suburban neighborhood lying just outside the D.C. border. Level is actually three house structures and a cycling trailer that house all of its exercise programs. These structures allow Level to create fitness programming to accommodate all persons that become apart of the Level family.

Level is not only unique in structure but in its desire to help each person individually utilize all available resources to customize their program and meet his or her needs related to the body, mind and spirit. A member can’t help but walk into the club and feel as though they have been transported through time to an episode of the popular television Cheersfrom the 1980s. The idea of coming to a place where “everyone knows your name” is not a foreign concept to the members of Level. The membership base is kept exclusively small (only 500 members) to ensure this personal experience.

You don’t have to be a member to work out at Level.Even without a membership, there is the opportunity to participate in group fitness classes, personal training, Pilates instruction, yoga programs and other programs at a package or individually priced rate.

Level has rounded-out the experiences for members by having a highly trained team of personal trainers, Pilates instructors, yoga teachers and group fitness staff that work together to help each member meet their goals. “Not every type of exercise works for everyone,” Fitness Director Adriane Morgan-Henn says. “Everyone needs flexibility training, core strength training and betterment of the soul. Level works to get each member a program that has all of these things.”

For many, yoga or Pilates classes and instruction are important components, however for some, the structure of these classes don’t work as well, so other components are added. With this in mind, Level is launching a new mind-body program this fall.

Body Flow, a trademark class by Les Mills, is an internationally renowned fitness company creating pre-choreographed classes that are offered worldwide. This class combines yoga, Pilates, core and tai chi to create a well-balanced program that incorporates the flexibility and core strengthening individuals need. It is yet another avenue for Level to provide their members and guests with the best fitness programing available and all the options to help round out their fitness programs.

Level invites you to start your journey to Live Level by joining them this fall for a unique fitness experience.

Location: 7687 MacArthur Blvd., Cabin John. For more information, call 301-229-0080 or visit


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