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BioGeoGenetics Is Restoring the Salt of the Earth

Oct 01, 2014 09:06AM
by Robin Fillmore

When Doc Cornelius Warren was a young child, his grandmother often used the familiar phrase, “you are the salt of the earth.” Little did he know at the time that as an adult, he would devote his life to finding the ways that this salt, cell salts particularly, can bring better health to so many.

Warren is the driving force behind the Institute of Cellular Wellness, a company that has grown and consolidated the work of other research endeavors. He is trained as a master herbalist but has always had a penchant for research and unlocking the mysteries of human cell development. Warren’s career in medicine began in the U.S. Army as a medic but he was quickly invited to participate in cellular engineering research while stationed at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio. After his time in the army, Warren founded his first companies, Through the Ages Herbs and Holistic Works in 2000 and the Phinix Institute of Herbal Research in 2004.

It was at this time that Warren was growing concerned with his wife’s health. She had been born with an eye disorder that threatened to lead her to blindness. Frustrated that his training as a master herbalist was unable to stop the progress of the disease, Warren started looking into the processes by which herbs worked—not the compounds themselves but the cell salt structures of a plant that provide their essential life-giving qualities.

Diving deeper into this area of research, Warren set up a laboratory by which he could extract the cell salts from specific herbs, condense them and ultimately formulate them into products that can be processed into the body through the mucous membrane. The result, in 2006, was a range of products now known as BioGeoGenetics.

Through the use of his product, his wife’s vision was restored and the progression of the disease was halted. Warren also alleviated symptoms of his wife’s asthma and eczema with other formulations that he has derived. Currently, BioGeoGenetics offers a variety of supplements that supply vital minerals to the human body in a rich, bio-active form, providing the user with countless health benefits in a single supplement.

The foundation for Warren’s work is trace mineral and cell salt deficiency. For generations, herbs have been used to cure disease and prolong life, but the mystery of how that process works has only recently been uncovered. According to Warren, “Herbs are heavily saturated in minerals, which are the most important nutrient to provide a strong foundation for a healthy body. Even though herbs have a higher amount of minerals than standard fruits and vegetables, to truly receive the amount of mineralization the body requires for longevity, you’d have to consume a vast amount on a daily basis and that’s if they are freshly picked (the fresher the herb, fruit, or vegetable the more bioactive the minerals contained therein). Luckily these days, along with new data and information, there are also new options to receive rich amounts of quality supplementation.”

His research and products have also caught the attention of other prominent researchers and physicians, including the personal physician of the late, great Frank Sinatra. While Warren notes that he is changing lives by going through the “back door” of medicine, researchers from Johns Hopkins have taken note of his work and are supporting his ongoing research. Even the investors of the popular TV show, Shark Tank are interested, although Warren is keeping his options open to expand the reach of his products.

While they are still available from the Institute of Cellular Wellness, the supplements can be purchased online at


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