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A New Trend In Personal Training

Customized Workouts 2 Go is a personal trainer in your pocket.  More than an app, it provides access to a certified personal trainer, with whom you will have face time once a month. These workouts provide a new and affordable way to exercise with an expert, with a brand new workout every month customized to meet your individual needs and workout goals. Customized Workouts 2 Go allows you to work at your own pace and in your own time.

Each customized workout comes with explanation, photos and videos of each exercise, so there is no more searching the Web for exercises.  The monthly workout comes to your cellphone or iPad for ease and mobility.  Every month, you will a set time to meet with your trainer but you can videotape your sessions and send them to your trainer for guidance and interactive.   You will be challenged and motivated to fulfill your fitness goals and you will have an experienced, certified personal trainer to support you.

Developed by one of the founders and creators of The Fitness Games App, Customized Workouts 2 Go is part of the latest trend in personal training.

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May 2020



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