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Intuitive Wellness Center: Equipping Clients for Self-Transformation

Oct 01, 2014 09:04AM
By Robin Fillmore

The path to finding healing isn’t always the most direct route but, sometimes navigating the turns and the forks in the road are just as important as the journey itself. It could be said that Miriam Hunter and Gina Maybury, who run the Intuitive Wellness Center in Burke, Virginia, have both been on such a journey and have come to this place with great joy.

Both practitioners are well-versed in a range of energy healing modalities, including Quantum Touch, Access Consciousness and Reiki. Each additional modality represents a new tool they might use when a new client walks through the door. And they do walk through the door—for sessions, workshops and talks. In fact, Intuitive Wellness Center is now looking at nearby space to accommodate the growing crowds for their classes.

Miriam Hunter, a practitioner for many years, uncovered her passion for healing through her art. After her daughter had started school, she was looking to add a new dimension to her life and began to paint. Her artwork became healing paintings for those seeking an inspiration for meditation or to use as a focus for those suffering from a chronic condition.

Hunter’s life changed when a client commissioned a painting to assist the client’s sister who had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Hunter did a bit of research to include high energy images in the painting and was drawn to include a Lauriana rose. When the recipient came to pick up the painting, she asked the name of the flower and was shocked to learn that it was a Lauriana rose. Lauriana had been the name of the clients’ other sister who had died just one year before.

Through the tears, healing came for both the sister suffering from bipolar disorder and her sister who had placed the order for the painting in the first place. For Hunter, the incident became a launching pad for her healing work, as she knew that there was something deep within her that could bring light and joy to others.

Hunter refers to a “Mary Poppins’ bag of tools and techniques” that she pulls out with any client but it is Quantum Touch that serves as a foundation for most of her work. In this modality, the client is guided to use breathing and visualization techniques to raise the vibration of life force energy. According to Hunter, “Everything has a vibration but areas of disease or pain usually have a lower vibrating energy. With the Quantum Touch technique, when you bring the vibration up, you create ‘a sandwich’ around the lower vibrational energy with higher resonating energy and the lower vibrational energy entrains up.”

Gina Maybury, once an attorney, had been a student of Hunter’s. After the Virginia-centered earthquake that shook Washington D.C. in 2011, Maybury went looking for a healing modality to help co-workers who were suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She discovered Quantum Touch as an internationally known energy medicine modality on the Web and was shocked to learn that a class (taught by Hunter) was being offered the next week, just down the street. Though the class was full, she knew she needed to be a part of it and talked Hunter into offering one more space. Within the first hour of that class, Maybury’s old knee injury was helped and she was hooked. It is from that former classroom that Maybury now sees her own clients.

In addition to Quantum Touch, Maybury is a Usui Reiki Master and is a Certified Facilitator in Access Consciousness, another healing modality. She describes running Access Bars as a simple, hands-on body process, which entails touching 32 points on the head. This enables the client to release the electromagnetic component of their “stuff” such as judgments and conclusions, or otherwise, stepping out of judgment. “It is like defragging the hard drive on your computer—to get rid of the files that are no longer needed and those that remain are reorganized in that space. The result is that there are possibilities for new thoughts and ideas to show up.”

Workshops and classes are offered on Quantum Touch, Access Consciousness, Reiki and a host of other topics on nights and weekends at the Intuitive Wellness Center, with guest speakers occasionally joining Hunter and Maybury They also offer a quarterly Open House, where all are invited to learn more about the different healing techniques by trying them out in free mini-sessions.

Location: 8996 Burke Lake Rd, Suite L101, Burke, VA. Individual sessions by appointment. To see a full list of classes and workshops, visit See ad, page #.


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