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Welcome colorful October

Oct 01, 2014 08:58AM
I love being in the heart of autumn, with leaves in that perfect spot between the full green of summer and the bare branches of the winter. A wonderful time to quiet the mind and revel in the midst of the beauty around us. While we don’t have the full-blown color change of Vermont trees, there are so many spots throughout D.C. to witness the depths of fall leaves, in all their glory.

That is, if we aren’t buzzing around so fast that we can’t enjoy these fleeting days before the cold sets in. I have noticed recently that as I speak with others in the community, including friends and family, that the typical response to the query, “How are you?” is usually, “Really busy.” I admit that tends to be my go-to answer as well these days. There is always a deadline, a call to make, a trip to the store, just one more email to answer---you know the drill. Are we busy because we want to be or are we busy because that is the new norm. Is this hyper busy state sustainable? I can’t answer that for you, my friends, but I believe it is a question worth asking.

The question of sustainability is one being asked of cities as well, of late, and the feature article of the October issue of Natural Awakenings. We are blessed here in the greater D.C. area to have many communities committed to creating a sustainable infrastructure that benefits not only the current residents but also the generations to come. Along with the feature on sustainable cities, I offer a short profile of some of the efforts by the District, Alexandria and Bethesda. I encourage you to get involved (if you have time) with your local initiatives.

This issue, we also feature acupuncture, as an expanding trend in the health care field in the U.S. My first foray into acupuncture was a wonderful experience. I was dealing with a frozen shoulder. My orthopedist told me that recovery would take a minimum of four months with intense physical therapy but more likely, I was looking at six months of therapy, up to three times a week. I am way too busy for that (see above) so I decided this was a good time to seek an alternative. Acupuncture and massage cupping, which was also performed by my acupuncturist, were the correct choice. In only three months, the functionality of my shoulder was nearly 100 percent. It worked for me and has worked for thousands of years for so many others. In this issue, we offer a number of articles about the science behind acupuncture and the conditions for which this treatment is so effective.

Finally, please join us at Natural Awakenings’ first Healthy Living Expo ( in Rockville Town Square on October 12. We’ve teamed up with Dawson’s Market and a lot of great health care practitioners, producers of green, delicious and healthy products and WithLove DC, who will be leading meditation and yoga in the square throughout the day. It’s all free and you are invited!




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