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Alkalinity Matters

Oct 01, 2014 08:44AM
By Elaine Gibson

For many people facing a diagnosis of cancer, learning how to fight back with changes to lifestyle is a key component to success. This includes a renewed focus on what food and drinks consumed, including water.

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, a biochemist and 1931 Nobel Prize winner for his work with cancer cells and oxygenation, was one of the first researchers to explain the connection between alkalinity and disease long ago. Doctors practicing integrative and alternative medicine will tell patients that the body is alkaline by design and acidic by function. We are meant to be 80 percent alkaline and 20 percent acidic.

But what is alkalinity and what does it mean to be alkaline? Alkalinity is the one and only thing that can create homeostasis or total balance in our body. Below are some quick facts on alkalinity.

  • Having an alkaline environment means having optimum levels of oxygen in the blood, cells and tissues. It’s the sufficient amounts of oxygen that create an alkaline environment.
  • The more oxygen in your blood, the more alkaline you are.
  • The more hydrogen you have in your blood, the more acidic you become.
  • Acid is only good inside your stomach but not outside it. Acid dissolves and destroys. Imagine what happens when your cells and organs are bathing in it.

It is well understood by many practitioners that alkalinity is the best short-cut to vibrant health. It’s the very foundation of superior health. Being alkaline means that the body’s cells and organs are functioning optimally that they’re able to detoxify, heal and regenerate efficiently.

When you are alkaline, you reverse your body’s biological age. You look and feel younger than your chronological age. If you find yourself zooming along the lanes of old age then it’s time for you to alkalize your body. But it doesn’t only fight the aging process, it also supercharges your immunity. When your immune cells are well-nourished, they can defend your body against diseases and pathogens more easily.

Alkalinity is important because it puts the individual in control. It enables you to decide how long you want to live, what kind of body you will have, what kind of life to create. It does not just improve your health, it improves the quality of your life and alkalinity gives diseases and depression nothing to latch on to.

Euphoria is something that alkaline folks experience, not just optimal health because alkalinity gives you greater mental and emotional stability. It can help center and ground you, in spite of what is happening in your life. Acidosis on the other hand magnifies negative emotions, which in effect compounds the problem by raising your acid levels further.


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Elaine Gibson is a health advocate. She has been prominently featured during International Raw Food Day 2013, 12 Days of Raw Christmas, GO RAW! and Integrated Health magazines. She is also cited as one of the 10 Most Inspirational Natural Cancer Survivors by Extreme Health Radio and part of the important Quest for the Cures documentary series. For more information, visit


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