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About Face: Natural Skin Care

Oct 23, 2014 04:11PM
by Lisa Schumacher, LMT

None of us is getting any younger. As a therapist who seeks natural remedies, I have made it my mission to discover natural approaches for healthy, vibrant looking skin.

About Face_LisaSchumacher

At the end of August 2010, I had the opportunity to take an amazing course in facial rejuvenation, developed by naturopathic doctor, Linda Burnham. When I asked my colleagues if they had ever experienced this work, I heard one rave review after another. The woman hosting the seminar said

“It creates a natural uplifted appearance--brightens the eyes, smoothes lines, makes the face and eyes appear brighter and uplifted. It is a multidimensional approach impacting not only the skin and changing its appearance, it also engages the nervous system and creates total relaxation for the body. In addition, it is a mind-body-spirit approach and can create emotional shifts as well. A Unity minister once described it as ‘massage for the soul,’ which sums it up in a nutshell.”
It wasn’t just about external beauty. The protocol is based on ancient wisdom woven into a session that offers much more than face value.

The work incorporates the healing art of head reflexology and nerve rejuvenation, to awaken and renew inner and outer beauty. Through a carefully developed system of patterned strokes and energy touch sequences healing flows are activated throughout the body. The experience can be life changing.

In February 2012, I heard a presentation about massage cupping and witnessed a demonstration. I was on fire with excitement. Massage cupping can detox and invigorate the body. It can firm and tone your skin and is energizing to the tissues.

The protocol for face microcupping is to use small cups to vacuum across the skin which promotes lymphatic drainage. This increases circulation to the skin, allowing nutrients to reach the surface more effectively. It stimulates natural elasticity and allows for better absorption of any topical applications. This work also relieves sinus congestion, drains stagnant fluids and eases puffiness. An added benefit is that lines, wrinkles and scar tissue soften with this work. It has been noted that congested skin can also clear.

In October 2012, while working at the Zero Balancing Booth at the American Massage Therapy Association national convention, an adjacent booth was offering a free 20-minute Bellanina facelift massage. I signed up and the session was pure bliss. It concluded with a honeylift moisture treatment that left my skin feeling softer than I’d ever remembered. When I went back to my booth, my colleagues were giving me wonderful compliments about my face. The Bellanina booth offered a raffle to win their course and products. To my surprise, I won the raffle which allowed me to learn the protocol and became a certified practitioner.

The full Bellanina facelift massage has more of a spa feel to it. I use aromatherapy products, warm towels and do a deep cleansing of the face before continuing with whipping, tapping, acupressure and contouring massage strokes, as well as lymph drainage techniques. It is invigorating and relaxing at the same. With all these tools to naturally elicit positive change, there are have lots of choices to bring out your natural beauty. When was the last time you gave your face some focused attention?

Licensed Massage Therapist, Lisa Schumacher, specializes in non-invasive, cutting-edge modalities such as Zero Balancing, massage cupping and facial rejuvenation techniques for a multi-dimensional approach to health, wellness, and vitality at her practice at 4000 Albemarle St., Ste. 202 in Tenleytown. Contact her at [email protected] or 202-244-9588.



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