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Local Acupuncture Clinic Offering Relief for Hard-to-Treat Pain

Gilbert ClinicThe Gilbert Clinic in Bethesda, has a particular skill and style of acupuncture especially helpful for those with arthritis or neuropathic pain, a symptom most known in association with chemotherapy, diabetes, and peripheral neuropathy.

Severe pain is dramatically limiting the activity and comfort of working folks as well as seniors trying to enjoy retirement. When the body’s own systems of regulation have become incapable of dealing with the day to day activity of keeping everything in check, pain and inflammation occur.

In Chinese medicine, a disease where the symptoms are raging but the body can no longer respond meaningfully, is termed “a febrile (heat) disease caused by interior cold” which is also the name of a classic medical text from the Han era detailing how to remedy such states. This extensive text and a rare 15-year post-graduate study of it is the basis of treatment at The Gilbert Clinic.

Acupuncture, especially when one must limit further pharmaceutical side effects, is an accessible, affordable, effective pain-relieving treatment to try, to add to one’s already established protocol of medications and therapies. Visit the experts at The Gilbert Clinic and answer the question, why live with less?


Location: 7315 Wisconsin Ave., Ste. 760E, Bethesda. Contact at [email protected] or call 301-215-4177

June 2020




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