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Innovative Crowdfunding Campaign to Fund ADHD Research

Oct 27, 2014 01:02PM
Throughout the month of November, The Mindfulness Center (TMC), located in Bethesda, is sponsoring a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo to fund a research project on the use of mind-body practices, including meditation, for children dealing with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

The goal is to raise $5,000 to conduct an eight-week clinical trial to test the effects of mindfulness meditation as an intervention for children diagnosed with ADHD and their families.

Once the funds have been raised, the program “Mindfulness Practices for ADHD: A Family Practice”, led by the Mindfulness Center founder, Deborah Norris, Ph.D., will be evaluated for its clinical effectiveness in significantly reducing and relieving the symptoms of ADHD. Prior interventions and recordings by Norris have proven effective in reducing stress and anxiety and improving self-control in other children and adult populations.

The funds raised will be used to produce a meditation program to distribute to the families participating. After the research has concluded and is published, the program will be packaged and made available to the public. The package will include two guided meditations, for use by all family members and an instructional recording, explaining how to use the program. It will also include background information for those new to the concept of mindfulness and background information on the use of mindfulness practices for treatment of ADHD.

Visit TMC's campaign at:


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