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Meditation Benefits Represented by Research

Nov 26, 2014 12:28PM
By Kristine Kim

Research now confirms what many meditators already know that through meditation, many health advantages can be achieved. One specific form of meditation, known as Maum Meditation, has recently been supported by a significant survey. Maum Meditation is a method of changing human mind into the infinite universe mind to find true self. When the true self is recovered, true happiness awaits.

According to the survey conducted of 473 participants by the Korea Association of Statistics and Information (, 97.7 percent stated that Maum Meditation is immensely helpful for stress relief. Stress is a state of emotions that accumulate in the mind of each individuals. Thus, when the meditator can subtract false emotions such as stress, naturally, the mind becomes free of stress. Maum meditators overwhelmingly agree.

Where are anxieties triggered from? Most meditators note that the mind is always restless worrying about useless memories that have been accumulated. The methods developed in Maum Meditation are designed to let these thoughts go. In the same survey, participants were asked about relief from worries and anxieties and their answers were overwhelmingly supportive of these techniques, with more than 88.5 percent claiming that the meditation was either “very helpful” or “helpful”.

In the survey, other benefits of Maum Meditation were listed as: being able to live in the moment, finding true purpose and meaning of life, ability to focus, greater capacity to resolve conflict, freedom from anger, frustration, fear, sense of inferiority, depression, loneliness, futility, relationships with people truly improve, as well as the recovery of health and natural beauty.

Kristine Kim is director at Rockville Meditation. The Rockville Meditation Center facilitates unlimited guided meditation with six meditation sessions daily. Info: Rockville 



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