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Sacred Retreat on Mount Shasta

Dec 04, 2014 07:38PM
Seven Sacred Flames Reiki Retreat (SSFR) is a high frequency spiritual practice for self-realization, to balance and activate the flames with the chakras and promote healing on many levels. This Reiki retreat takes place in the spiritually breathtaking location of Mount Shasta, California on May 17 to 23.

During this amazing experience, participants will learn the following: seventh dimension colors associated with the seven major chakras, how to perform an eight-part SSFR procedure on yourself, including the Great Central Sun Meditation. The retreat will also take participants to several different sites including the Stewart Mineral Springs, Castle Crags and Mount Cloud Falls. Activities also include two crystal bowl concerts and an ascension ceremony.

The instructor is Anthony V. Wojnar, DD and Reiki Master teacher. He is a meditation and a qi gong instructor and creator of the The Frequency and Sacred Flames Analysis System. Wojnar recently received an attunement on Kurama Mountain, Japan, which is the birthplace of Reiki. He is an ordained minister and chaplain who has a heart-based ministry.


For more information call 570-706-6680, email [email protected] or visit Register by January 1 for discount, balance due April 15. 50% deposit due upon registration. Price $625 before Jan.1/$675 after Jan. 1.  Price includes workshop, site visits, 1 group lunch and dinner and daily breakfast with hotel stay.





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